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**Please Note** fakewatchbusta.com & rolexwatchout.com are not affiliated with; endorsed by; sponsored by; associated with; nor owned by Rolex S.A., Rolex USA, Inc., GAF (Gibney, Anthony, & Flaherty (general Legal Counsel to Rolex, USA)), nor any Rolex Authorized Dealer. fakewatchbusta.com and rolexwatchout.com are independently fighting against the trafficking of watches bearing counterfeit trademarks. The domain "rolexwatchout.com" uses the term "Rolex" under the nominative "Fair Use" provision of the Lanham Act as part of the admonition to "Watch out for fake Rolex watches." (See the Supreme Court Ruling in Toyota v. Tabari) "rolexwatchout.com" has never been used by Rolex or any other organization and was not registered by the domain owner for the purpose of holding the domain so that Rolex would provide payment or other benefit from Rolex would be provided... in essence "rolexwatchout.com" is not being held hostage. Thus "rolexwatchout.com" is not a domain that was registered for the purpose of cybersquatting, but was registered to help ensure consumers would have an easier time finding information about the illegality of replica Rolexes and other fake watches.