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fakewatchbusta Illegal Watch News

Help us fight the war against illegal items bearing counterfeit trademarks by helping out in our forums with reporting and flagging fake watches or by making a monetary contribution in any amount, today.

Replica Hublot Big Bang on ebay by seller poweroc #illegal

Here is the link to this shady seller's illegal listing:  Fake Hublot Big Bang illegal watch on ebay by poweroc

The seller, poweroc, is located in New York, NY.  People get busted all the time in New York for selling fakes.  It is a Federal Felony and a Criminal Violation of New York State Law to sell items bearing Counterfeit Trademarks.

Help shut this guy down by reporting him to the FBI, local Cops, and to Hublot.

Here is a screenshot to memorialize this Criminal Conduct:

poweroc illegal fake Hublot Big Bang watch on ebay

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Fake Rolex Deep Sea on ebay by rdb1981

This seller is a little bit tricky by putting goofy stickers over the dial so you can't see the Rolex logo, but there is enough showing in the various photos to know what this watch is... a fake Rolex Sea-Dweller DeepSea.  The seller is rdb1981.  The watch is illegal.  The seller is located in Wills Point, Texas.  This is a Federal Felony and a serious Crime in the State of Texas.  Report this guy to Law Enforcement and GAF.  Here is a link to the item:  Illegal Rolex Sea-Dweller DeepSea on ebay by rbd1981

fake Rolex DeepSea replica clone counterfeit on ebay

***Update*** rdb1981 is back at it...  Here is his newest listing:  Fake Rolex Illegal Sea-Dweller DeepSea on ebay by rdb1981 - 

Could be the same watch, but something tells me that he has a supply of these illegal Rolexes.

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emacsbattery9788 has another listing for fake Hublot on ebay

Time to stop this guy.  Here is the link:  Click Here to see the item and report this guy

This guy is a multiple time offender.  Time to get him off the streets and into a jail cell.

Below is a screenshot to memorialize this latest fake Hublot for purposes of use by Prosecutors and IP Attorneys:

Report this guy to Law Enforcement and ebay.

illegal replica Hublot

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Illegal Fake Rolex Submariner by ebay seller tanne-barnh 114060

This seller, tanne-barnh, on ebay is listing a 114060 Submariner fake.  114060s do not have a date and also do not have a cyclops.  However, there is so much more wrong with this watch.  It is a horrible fake Submariner.  The current bid is at $3550.  fakewatchbusta has reported this item.  The seller is located in Winter Garden, FL.  Florida law enforcement seems to enjoy making busts and then publicizing the busts to help take a bite out of Crime.  Report this guy to the local Winter Garden police asap.  Also report tanne-barnh to the FBI and GAF (attorneys for Rolex).

Here is a link to the offending listing:  Illegal Counterfeit Rolex Submariner

Here is a screen shot of this illegal replica Rolex Submariner currently for sale on ebay:

illegal replica 114060 Rolex Submariner

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ebay seller parisazz selling illegal fake Hublot replica on ebay #criminal

Parisazz might have a cool name for ebay, but the seller is a Criminal who is selling an illegal replica watch which is a Federal Crime and a Crime in most states.  Parisazz is located in Glendale, CA.  Report this fake Hublot Big Bang to the local cops, FBI, and Hublot.  If you spot other fakes, always reach out to fakewatchbusta.

Don't buy anything ever from parisazz... Why support a blatant Criminal's business?

Here is a link to the listing:  parisazz illegal replica Hublot Big Bang on ebay

And here is the requisite screenshot for use in Prosecution and Lawsuit:

parisazz on ebay - seller of illegal fake Hublot Big Bang watch

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ebay seller mafijozi1 selling illegal replica Patek Philippe

Click Here to view and report this item

The seller, mafijozi1, is located in Skelmersdale, United Kingdom

Selling fakes is illegal.  Help shut this seller down.

fakewatchbusta recommends never buying any item from a seller who sells illegal items.  

Here is a screenshot for purposes of memorializing this Crime for Law Enforcement and Attorneys:

mafijozi1 selling fake watches on ebay

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darkhaoleus on ebay selling a horrible fake Rolex Day-Date

Here is the link to view and report this travesty:  darkhaoleus illegal fake Rolex on ebay

Selling fake watches is a crime.  This seller is located in:  Edison, NJ

Trademark Infringement should not be tolerated.  fakewatchbusta recommends never buying anything from a seller who is engaged in this type of Criminal Activity.

Here is a screenshot for Law Enforcement and GAF (Rolex Lawyers).  Report this guy and report this item to ebay.

illegal replica Rolex on ebay



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Fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Listed on Ebay by jimmbaratt_0

jimmbaratt_0 needs to be shamed, arrested, and sued for listing this Illegal Fake Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.  Here is the link:  Click Here to see and report this Illegal replica Royal Oak

He is located in:  Irvine, CA

Selling replica watches is Illegal.  It is a Crime in the State of California, and it is also a separate, more serious Crime under United States Federal Law.  jimmbaratt_0 can also be sued by Audemars Piguet.

Here is a screenshot for Law Enforcement and Lawyers to use as evidence:

Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak - Illegal

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emark0128 on ebay selling illegal replica Hublot Big Bang Chronograph rose gold

This is yet another Crime being committed on ebay.  emark0128 is located in Faith, NC and is selling an illegal fake replica Hublot Big Bang Chronograph on ebay.  emark0128 is committing a serious Federal Crime and is violating the rules on ebay.  Report this seller to local Police, the FBI, and Hublot as soon as possible.  Don't let this scumbag get away with selling an illegal replica watch.  Bust this fool.

Here is a link to the listing:  Click Here to View and Report this Illegal Wristwatch

Here is the screenshot as proof that this Crime is currently occurring:

fake illegal replica Hublot watch


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Fake Panerai on ebay (Illegal Replica) by ebay seller justinthewatchguy

***UPDATE 01-31-2018 7:52 PM MST*** He has re-listed this illegal watch.  Here is the new link:  Illegal Panerai Re-listed on ebay by justinthewatchguy

Here is the link:  Click Here to see and report this Illegal Panerai watch

Ebay seller justinthewatchguy ought to know better than to be selling illegal fake watches.  Justin... It is a CRIME and you can ALSO be sued by the Trademark Holder (Panerai).  Report this watch to the Police, FBI, and Panerai so Justin can face the penalties he deserves for trafficking in items bearing Counterfeit Trademarks.

Also click on the link to report this item to ebay so it will be taken down and his account will possibly get suspended.

Here is screenshot to memorialize this listing for purposes of prosecution and lawsuit.  Enjoy your day, Justin.  Now start looking over your shoulder for the cops.  Don't buy anything from a guy who is selling fakes.  He is a criminal.

justinthewatchguy illegal replica panerai on ebay

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