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Fake Rolex 2 tone Submariner on ebay by carlogregoric0 from Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, KT - ebay seller carlogregoric0 is selling a FAKE Rolex Submariner 2 tone.  This is an obvious Counterfeit.  He is listing it as a genuine Rolex 2 tone Submariner.  In other words, he is selling a cheap replica Rolex as a genuine Rolex.  So not only is he already committing Trademark Counterfeiting, but he is also attempting to commit Theft and Fraud (and potential Wire Fraud).  Help lock this guy up.  Report this clown to the Louisville Police Department, the FBI, Rolex Attorneys Gibney, Anthony, and Flaherty (GAF - specifically John Macaluso), and ebay.  Don't let him get away with trying to defraud some poor naive Victim.

Here is a link to his illegal Rolex Submariner on ebay:  Rolex Submariner 2 tone replica on ebay

Here is a screenshot for use by Prosecutors, Law Enforcement, GAF, and ebay:

fake Rolex Submariner listed as real

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Fake Rolex Submariner on ebay - Don't be fooled - seller wkkal_nwq9vi from Bideford, UK

Bideford, United Kingdom - ebay seller wkkal_nwq9vi has listed a Counterfeit Rolex Submariner for sale.  He is falsely claiming this watch is a genuine Rolex.  This constitutes Trademark Counterfeiting, Attempted Fraud, Attempted Wire Fraud, and Attempted Larceny.  If a sale goes through, then you can remove the "Attempted" parts of those terms.  Contact Rolex, ebay, the British Government, and local Bideford Police Department to report this crook.  A little time behind bars will do him some good me thinks.  Put this wanker in a cell for this Criminal Conduct.  This tosser needs to be taught a bloody lesson.

Here is a link to the listing for this Counterfeit Rolex:  fake Rolex Submariner from Bideford UK

And here is a screenshot to serve as proof of this Criminal Conduct.

counterfeit rolex bideford uk police department

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ebay seller bugsy1937 selling FAKE Breitling Navitimer on ebay from Lochlin, Ontario, Canada

Lochlin, Ontario, Canada - bugsy1937, a seller on ebay is selling an illegal fake replica Breilting Navitimer watch.  This is a Criminal Offense and constitutes Trademark Counterfeiting.  Report this sucka to Breitling, the Canadian Government, Lochlin Police, and the Canadian Government.  This guy needs to spend some time thinking about this crime behind bars.

Here is a link to the illegal Breitling replica Navitimer on ebay:  Illegal replica Breilting Lochlin, Ontario, Canada

And here is a screen shot for memorialization of this Crime to be used by Prosecutors, IP Attorneys, and Law Enforcement personnel.

replica Breitling Navitimer

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ebay seller tashparnel-0 Selling fake 18k gold Rolex Submariner on ebay

Murrells Inlet, South Caroline - Tashparnel-0 is selling a fake 18k gold Rolex Submariner 116618 on ebay.  This is a serious Federal Felony and multiple Criminal Violations of South Carolina Law.  Report this scum to GAF, ebay, Murrells Inlet Police or local Sheriff, and the FBI.  People like this need to be stopped from conducting such Criminal Activity.

Here is a link to this Illegal Watch:  Illegal Counterfeit Rolex 18k Gold Submariner

fake Rolex Submariner 18k gold 116618 clone

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doggfriend68 on ebay is selling a FAKE Rolex Submariner Harley Davidson edition from Peru, IN

Peru, Indiana - ebay seller doggfriend68 is selling an Illegal, Counterfeit Rolex Submariner.  This is a Federal Felony and a serious State Level Crime.  The People of the United States have elected Legislators to enact Laws and those Legislators have determined that Trademark Counterfeiting is a serious CRIME.  Don't let this seller get away with selling this replica Rolex watch.  Bust this clown.  Contact the Peru Police Department, FBI, ebay, and Rolex's Attorneys (Gibney, Anthony, & Flaherty) to report this Crime.

Here is a link to the replica Rolex Submariner on ebay:  Illegal fake clone Rolex Submariner by doggfriend68 on ebay

Here is a screen shot to permanently memorialize this Crime.

illegal replica Rolex Submariner on ebay by doggfriend68

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ebay seller stone52076 from Wheaton, Illinois selling FAKE Rolex Submariner hommage tribute

Wheaton, IL - Ebay is a treasure trove of illegal fake Rolex watches.  Here is another one.  Report this illegal, counterfeit Rolex Submariner to GAF, the FBI, Wheaton, IL Police, the local sheriff, and ebay.  It is a watch which bears Counterfeit Trademarks.  This seller is committing serious Criminal Activity.  This guy needs to be locked up behind bars.  I wonder if he will think it is worth it when the Law comes crashing down on him and reality sets in.  fakewatchbusta recommends never buying anything from a seller who sells illegal counterfeit watches.

Here is a link to this illegal Rolex Submariner:  clone hommage tribute replica Rolex Submariner

And here is the screenshot to serve as proof for Prosecutors, Law Enforcement personnel, GAF, and ebay.

illegal replica Rolex Submariner hommage tribute watch

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ebay seller lookup-123 from London, UK selling Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

London, United Kingdom - ebay seller lookup-123 is selling a counterfeit replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak.  This is a serious Crime in the United Kingdom.  This seller needs to be reported to the local Police, Audemars Piguet, ebay, and the British Government for Trademark Counterfeiting.  Shut this seller down.  Bust this clown.  Trademark Counterfeiting is not a victimless Crime.

Here is a link to the illegal replica Audemars Piguet:  Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak London UK

replica Audemars Piguet illegal Royal Oak clone London

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aaaultimatepawn in Carson City, Nevada selling FAKE Versace Watch on ebay

Carson City, NV - ebay seller aaaultimatepawn is selling a Counterfeit Versace V-Metal Icon watch on ebay for $500 Buy it Now.  This is a serious Federal Felony being committed by this Pawn Shop - AAA Ultimate Pawn located at:  892 E William St, Carson City, NV 89701.  Their phone number is:  (775) 350-7621 - This is also a Crime in the State of Nevada.  Contact Carson City Police Department, the FBI, Versace, and ebay to report this item.  Don't let these punks get away with selling Watches bearing Counterfeit Trademarks.  AAA Ultimate Pawn needs to be shut down and the perps need to be arrested.   

Here is a link to their ebay listing of this Counterfeit Versace Watch:  Replica Versace V-Metal Icon watch on watch by aaa ultimate pawn

And here is a screenshot to serve as proof for Prosecutors, IP Attorneys, Versace, and ebay.

replica versace v metal watch

This watch is also listed on craigslist in Reno...

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Counterfeit Rolex Submariner 116613 by ebay seller jmart08 from Dubai U.A.E

Dubai, United Arab Emirates - ebay seller jmart08 is selling a Counterfeit 2 tone Rolex 116613.  This seller has listed this watch at $750 Buy It Now.  This watch is an obvious fake and the price is far, far below what a normal 116613 could snatch at a pawn shop or local jeweler who is totally low-balling the seller to take advantage of dire circumstances.  If it seems to good to be true, it probably is.  It definitely is in this case.  This is an obvious fake Rolex.

Here is a link to the Illegal Rolex Submariner:  Illegal Rolex Submariner 2 tone 116613 from Dubai

Here is a screenshot to of this illegal watch for purposes of Prosecution.  Contact GAF, the Dubai Government, and local Police in Dubai to report this counterfeit watch.

counterfeit rolex replica Submariner 116613 Dubai

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BAD Fake Rolex 116610 Sub on ebay by seller kasisha-4 from High Wycombe, United Kingdom

High Wycombe, United Kingdom - ebay seller kasisha-4 is selling a horrible fake Rolex 116610 posing as a genuine Rolex for a little under $2000 US.  This seller needs to be put behind bars.  This is Trademark Counterfeiting, Theft, and Fraud.  Report this seller to ebay, the local Police, Rolex, and the British Government.  Don't let this seller get away with ripping off some unsuspecting soul.

Here is link to the illegal fake Rolex Submariner:  Illegal fake Rolex 116610 from High Wycombie UK

illegal replica Rolex 116610 in United Kingdom

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