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Lord of the Rings style Engagement Ring size 7.5 $1000

This is an engagement ring based off the Galadriel's ring, Nenya, from The Lord of the Rings. *Copied from makers site* "Inspired by The Lord of the Rings™ trilogy, Paul Badali designed Nenya ®, the Elven Ring of Power owned by Galadriel™, using the beautiful leaves of Lothlorien™. As a life long fan of JRR Tolkien, Paul J. Badali has envisioned the design for the Elven Rings of Power™. That vision has been made manifest in precious metal. Each ring is carefully handcrafted one at a time by the Badali Jewelry artists in your choice of metals. Nenya is an officially licensed Lord of the Rings replica with Middle-earth Enterprises. Nenya is described as being made of Mithril™, a silver colored metal." I posted a screenshot of the invoice of the ring I ordered. What that says is exactly what this ring is. I will entertain other offers, no trades. Link to original makers site: http://badalijewelry.com/nenya-8482-the-ring-of-galadriel-8482.html Less


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