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Rolex Yacht-Master II w/Full Inner & Outer Box Set - 2 Tone Gold & SS (fremont / union city / newark) $95

Rolex Yacht-Master II w/Full Inner & Outer Box Set - Two Tone Gold & Stainless Steel Selling a Rolex Yacht-Master II two tone, gold and stainless steel watch. I love the design and style of the Yacht-Master II, but after I bought this one, I realized that the size of it is just too large for me, so I have never even worn it. I have a smaller wrist, so this particular model does not "fit" me well. As you can tell from the price, this is a replica and is not the real deal. Very nice looking watch, and the details on it are very nice though. The sticker says this is an AAA grade, but upon close inspection, you can tell that this is not the very best replica on the market. Can't go wrong for the price here though as the real deal is over $25,000! Very nice and COMPLETE set which includes the watch itself, Rolex hang tag, outer Rolex box, inner box which is wooden lined and outer stitched material, inner pillow with a folding scratch cover that has the embossed Rolex crown in it, certification paperwork. All items are replicas. Here are more features on this watch set: The Watch Itself: - BRAND NEW timepiece which has never even been sized. The bracelet is still wrapped in plastic and was only removed from the clasp briefly for the picture. - 44mm diameter with a white dial. - The numbers, wording and printing on the dial and bezel are very nice and clearly done. - The markers are each white and gold "squares", the hour/minute/second hands are gold. - There is lume on the hour and minute hands which allow it to glow in the dark. - The small sub dial is gold and has a gold hand. This is non functional and is decorative only. - The case is polished with a gold bezel, gold crown and gold buttons. The two other top and bottom buttons push in, but do not operate anything. The finish on the case looks very nice and is shiny. The crown itself which adjusts the time has the Rolex crown in it, just like the real watch. - THE BEZEL STILL HAS THE PROTECTIVE PLASTIC ON IT, so that is why it looks a bit dull in the pictures. Peel the protective plastic off and it will have a nice shiny finish to it! The bezel is gold and has a blue and gold insert with graduations from 0-10, and also has the "Yacht-Master II" logo at the bottom. This bezel rotates and has a ratcheting mechanism. - The bracelet/band is brushed stainless with shiny gold center links. The clasp itself also carries this gold and stainless two tone theme. The clasp is a double locking clasp with a double button release and an additional secondary clasp to lock it in place. The secondary part of the clasp has the Rolex crown on it. - The case back of the watch is a blank stainless steel finish just like the real watch to allow for custom engraving if you choose. It currently has a green hologram Rolex sticker on the back with the serial numbers "68273". This sticker looks just like the sticker that would come on a Rolex when purchased brand new from the jeweler. - Quartz/battery movement -Keeps perfect time! The Watch Boxes, Hang Tag and Certification Paperwork: - BRAND NEW complete TWO box set. - The first inner box is a spring loaded hinged lid box. Made from green leather like material which is machine stitched on the top. - There is an embossed Rolex crown into the material on top on the lower right hand corner. This is just like the real Rolex box. - The inside of the box is trimmed with REAL wood. There is also a printed "Rolex" wording and crown on the inside of the top lid. - On the bottom side of the box, it has printed in gold color "Montres Rolex S.A. Geneve Swisse" and also has the Rolex crowns printed on each side of this wording. - Includes an attached hang tag on the watch that says "Rolex Watch Co Ltd, Geneva-Bienne" in gold color along with the Rolex crown in the center. The other side says "Officially Certified SWISS Chronometer". It is attached onto the watch with a twisted green and gold rope. This is the type of tag that comes on a Rolex watch when purchased brand new from the jeweler. - Inside the box is a soft pillow which actually holds the watch. It is covered in a felt/velvet type material. Also included is a quad-fold "blanket" which wraps the watch and pillow when it is sitting inside of the box to protect it. It is also covered in a felt/velvet type material and has an embossed Rolex crown on the top center fold flap. - The second outer box is a 2 piece box with the bottom and the cover. The inner box sits inside of this one. Both top and bottom parts are covered in a multi colored green pattern, intended to resemble a stone/granite texture. It also has printed on the top portion "Rolex Oyster" along with the Rolex crown. - The certification paperwork is a replica of the guarantee from Rolex. It certifies that the watch is a chronometer, identifies the model of watch, indicates the first purchaser and which jeweler it was purchased from. This is a replica certificate and is not real of course. On the back side of the paperwork, it identifies world wide Rolex service centers and indicates that it would have a 1 year warranty. The Yacht-Master is called "The Watch Of The Open Seas" by Rolex. Here is their official description from the Rolex website: The Rolex Yacht-Master and Yacht-Master II models embody the spirit of the sailor. Inspired by the rich heritage that has bound Rolex to the world of sailing since the 1950s, the Yacht-Master blends function and style, while the Yacht-Master II brings together the finest in Rolex technology to create a regatta chronograph built for yachting competition.


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