Selling authentic Rolex getting divorced (A local public location even drive for us to meet at) $275

Crown Crown brand replica watches from datejust with diamond hour markers to gold yellow and white presidential 41mm all yellow gold 36mm day date and Roman numberal blue art basel datejust 41 all 41 cept original face gold and custom bezels are 43mm and a 40mm submariner waterproof and Gucci I- Gucci all watches can be worn in the shower gold Has 3 Year guarantee before it will start to fade if before then you can always replace it I don't suggest you swim shower or do anything in these watches but they say they can be and mine are water resistant I just don't risk it all the watches are brand brand new with boxes What I have left 36mm yellow gold classic prezzy ,41mm datejust Roman numeral art basel whit whole and steel ,43mm presidential in 18k white and yellow gold colors with 18k stamp on watch one 41mm datejust aka diamond just with diamond hour markers and the Roman numerals on 18kwhite gold with black face and the other is yellow gold with yellow 18kgold Roman numerals come in leather covered wooden box with the crown imprint saying made in Switzerland etc


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This watch is Illegal. Trademark Counterfeiting is a serious Crime in most States; a Federal Felony; a serious Crime in most other Countries; and a Violation of the Lanham Act. Flag the Item on Craigslist. Here is the Craigslist Link to report this Counterfeit Watch to local Police, the FBI, IP Attorneys, and to report the watch to the brand that is being Victimized by this Trademark Counterfeiting:

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