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Las Vegas - Mercedes, Murder, Stolen Rolex sent to "My King" in Miami

Las Vegas, NV - Minutes after a man was gravely injured trying to stop a car whose driver he presumed had stolen his Rolex, the driver took a picture of the watch and sent a message to a friend: “Yes, got an all gold,” according to Metro Police.

The investigation that led to Thursday’s arrest of Ronneka Guidry, 29, intensified when the victim’s father contacted police after his son died, asking about a watch he’d gifted him on his 18th birthday, according to the woman’s arrest warrant.

His son, Eduardo Gaiolli De Sanchez Osorio, 21, suffered fatal injuries about 2:20 a.m. on Jan. 3, near the Strip, when he fell from the hood of a Mercedes­ driven by Guidry, police said.

Surveillance cameras on the Strip and surrounding areas helped investigators track down Osorio’s movements before his death, police said. He’d gone to a Strip hotel’s nightclub where footage captured him leaving with Guidry about 15 minutes before the incident, police said.

Rolex theft, murder, sent to King in Miami

The Mercedes then was caught parking at a market on 190 E. Flamingo Road, near Koval Lane, police said. After seven minutes, Osorio exited the car, but quickly began chasing it, police said. When he caught up, he banged on its windshield and climbed the hood from where he fell when the car sped away.

Osorio, of Brazil, died that morning at Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center, police said.

Detectives used surveillance footage to identify a placard with the logo of a dealership to connect the Mercedes to Guidry, police said.

When they tracked her down after a Jan. 8 vehicle stop, without being asked, said that “she did not steal anything from Osorio,” according to the arrest warrant. Initially she said she’d been out of state during the incident, and then she said that Osorio had broken her windshield that morning for no apparent reason after an argument.

Information from a phone found in the Mercedes helped investigators piece the case together. In it, they found a picture of a gold watch similar to the one Osorio wore that night. After the incident, she communicated with someone whose name on her phone appeared as “My King.”

Another photo led them to a local FedEx from where she shipped a package to Miami hours after Osorio died, police said. The package weighed about the same as a Rolex, police said.

It wasn’t immediately know if investigators have recovered the watch, but when the victim’s father was provided with a photo from Guidry’s phone, he said, “The watch is exactly the same model!”

Guidry, who has a history of committing crimes in which she’s used sex to then steal and rob, is being held without bail at the Clark County Detention Center on one count each of murder with a deadly weapon, robbery, grand larceny and leaving the scene of a crash, police said. She’s next scheduled in court Monday morning, jail logs show.

Originally reported by:  https://lasvegassun.com/news/2018/mar/10/missing-rolex-helps-las-vegas-police-arrest-murder/


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fakewatchbusta's Avatar
fakewatchbusta replied the topic: #2673 8 months 6 days ago
I hope this goes well for the Victim's family. I know of a watch seller in Miami named King Tafari. Hope it wasn't sent to him.
Rolex-Police's Avatar
Rolex-Police replied the topic: #2674 8 months 6 days ago
Terrible sad story. It must be devastating for his family so far away.
Time_Cop's Avatar
Time_Cop replied the topic: #2675 8 months 6 days ago
Bad news. I will,be interested in hearing who received the watch.
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