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lillian7164 on eBay selling an Illegal Fake Patek Philippe from Wellingborough, United Kingdom

Wellingborough, United Kingdom - Wellingborough is a market town and borough in Northamptonshire, England, situated about 11 miles (18 km) from the county town of Northampton.  Unfortunately for Wellingborough residents, they have an IP Thief amongst them.  eBay seller, lillian7164, is selling an Illegal Fake Patek Philippe watch.  She is advertising it as a copy, but this is simply a nice way to say it is Counterfeit.  Contact the Wellingborough Police, the British Government, Patek Philippe, and eBay to report her.  Don't let her get away with this Criminal Conduct.

eBay takes a proactive approach to protecting its members when it is notified that an Item Bearing a Counterfeit Trademark has been listed on eBay.  This article is for educational purposes.  fakewatchbusta has taken the lead in educating the public about the Illegality of trafficking in watches Bearing Counterfeit Trademarks while simultaneously exposing the Criminals who are selling these Illegal watches... with the hope of benefiting the legitimate watch industry, disrupting the illegal counterfeit watch industry, and protecting consumers.

Here is a link to this hideous excuse for a watch:  Counterfeit Patek Philippe Watch

And here is a screenshot of the fakewatchbusta forum which includes a photo of the Illegal watch (actual screenshot of the eBay item can be requested via email by Law Enforcement Agents/Officers, Prosecutors, Patek Philippe, IP Attorneys, and eBay)

replica patek philippe clone

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fakewatchbusta's Avatar
fakewatchbusta replied the topic: #2638 7 months 4 days ago
I am calling for the Arrest and Prosecution of this foolish woman!
Time_Cop's Avatar
Time_Cop replied the topic: #2639 7 months 4 days ago
lindagaliza's Avatar
lindagaliza replied the topic: #2644 7 months 4 days ago
I feel sorry for someone whose life is so messed up that she must list counterfeit watches just to bring in a little money. :-(
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