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eBay Seller sranddcom selling FAKE black 116610 Rolex Submariner for $9k from Freeland, WA

Freeland, Washington - eBay Seller sranddcom is selling a poor quality replica Rolex Submariner as a Genuine black Rolex Sub.  Here is a quote from the fakewatchbusta forum:  "Notice the cyclops magnification. Notice the cyclops seems square to the crown, but the date window is not square to the cyclops. Take a closer look... the seller doesn't have the bezel pearl at the 12:00 position... this could be to take away from the dial not being square. Look even further... the printing is of poor, poor quality. The bottom text like Offiicially Certified is all run together. And look at the case back. Lots of fakes and Parnis have a stainless steel back. This one has some weird sticker covering a wonky looking case back, but you can see that the entire back is not blackened. This is a sloppy fake posing as a genuine. Starting bid is at $2,000 US and Buy it Now is $8999. Scammer"  Selling a watch like this as a genuine Rolex is also attempted Theft and Fraud in addition to being a Federal Felony and a serious State Crime in Washington for Trademark Counterfeiting.  Get this guy locked up and get Rolex on his tail to sue him for Violating the Lanham Act.

eBay takes a proactive approach to protecting its members when it is notified that an Item Bearing a Counterfeit Trademark has been listed on eBay.  This article is for educational purposes.  fakewatchbusta has taken the lead in educating the public about the Illegality of trafficking in watches Bearing Counterfeit Trademarks while simultaneously exposing the Criminals who are selling these Illegal watches... with the hope of benefiting the legitimate watch industry, disrupting the illegal counterfeit watch industry, and protecting consumers.

Contact the Freeland Police Department, the FBI, GAF, Rolex, and eBay to report this scammer.  Here is a link to the listing:  Replica black Rolex Submariner pvd dl fake illegal

And here is a screenshot of the fakewatchbusta forum which includes a photo of the Illegal watch (actual screenshot of the eBay item can be requested via email by Law Enforcement Agents/Officers, Prosecutors, Rolex, GAF, IP Attorneys, and eBay)

fake black rolex submariner 116610 ceramic

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