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Rolex Smash and Grab at Reeds Jenns Jewelers in Amherst, New York

AMHERST, NY –  Amherst Cops are searching for the thieves who committed a crazy smash and grab Rolex theft at an Amherst Watch and Jewelry store.

It was a horrifying 3 minutes for staff and customers of Reeds Jenns Jewelers located on Maple Road in Amherst, NY.

4 men apparently only carrying sledgehammers and masks entered the Reeds Jenns Jewelers around 6:30 Friday night and started smashing the glass display cases.

Cops stated that the thugs took all of the Rolex watches inside the cases and then left the store in a big hurry.

Law Enforcement Officers are referring to this a “professional job” and think it is likely not the 1st heist for this group of Criminals.

Assistant Chief Charles Cohen stated that these same Suspects could be doing smash and grabs similar to this one along the entire East Coast.

Cops stated that they were reluctant to reveal any information about this smash and grab out of caution to hopefully thwart similar heists.

3 men, wearing masks, went inside the store while 1 stood at the door and guarded it.

Employees reacted quickly... ushering everyone inside the store into a back room. No injuries were reported, and there were no reports of Threats.

Reeds Jenns Jewelers Rolex Smash and Grab Amherst NY

Cops are referring to this smash and grab as a Grand Larceny because no weapons were used in this heist.  Had weapons been used or if the Threat of harm to persons inside the store, this would be classified as a Robbery or an Armed Robbery.  The District Attorney may choose to adjust the potential charges due to the implied Threat of men in masks carrying sledgehammers while committing a serious Felony.  fakewatchbusta believes it will ultimately be Charged as an Armed Robbery.  People CAN get pretty injured getting knocked upside the head by a sledgehammer.

Cops stated that, upon taking the Rolex watches, the suspects sped off in a red van with no license plate.
Cops stated that surveillance video is aiding their investigation into this matter.

Amherst Police ask anyone with information about the incident to call them as soon as possible.

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