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Fake Rolex YachtMaster on ebay be seller crackerson81 from Lake Hopatcong, New Jersey

Lake Hopatcong, NJ - ebay seller crackerson81 is selling a Counterfeit Rolex Yacht Master watch.  This is a Federal Felony and serious State level Crime in most States.  Selling fake watches is not cool, and whenever you do, you run the risk of getting arrested, charged, thrown in jail, possibly even put in prison... along with being sued by Rolex or whatever other companies on whom's IP Rights you are infringing.  This guy needs to be shut down and taught a lesson.  Fake watches are illegal.  Report this guy to the FBI, the Lake Hopatcong Police and/or local Sheriff, ebay, and GAF (Rolex's Attorneys).

Here is a link to this shady listing for a replica Rolex:  Fake Rolex Yacht-Master on ebay by crackerson81

And here is the requisite screenshot proving this Crime is being committed:  

replica rolex yachtmaster on ebay

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