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Patrick Dervishi is back at it... Selling yet another fake Rolex Submariner from Livonia, MI

Livonia, MI - ebay seller patrickdervishi1 aka Patrick Dervishi is selling yet another fake Rolex Submariner.  This guy has been busted three times by fakewatchbusta.  The Livonia Police Department needs to be contacted by our readers to report this guy for Trademark Counterfeiting.  In addition, the FBI, GAF (Rolex Attorneys Gibney, Anthony, and Flaherty), and ebay need to receive reports by as many people as possible to help put the heat on this guy.  He has committed at least three counts of Trademark Counterfeiting.  

Here is a link to his latest fake Rolex 2 tone Submariner:  Patrick Dervishi Livonia Michigan Police Department counterfeit Rolex

FBI Livonia Michigan counterfeit Rolex Patrick Dervishi

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