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Fake Rolex 2 tone Submariner on ebay by carlogregoric0 from Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, KT - ebay seller carlogregoric0 is selling a FAKE Rolex Submariner 2 tone.  This is an obvious Counterfeit.  He is listing it as a genuine Rolex 2 tone Submariner.  In other words, he is selling a cheap replica Rolex as a genuine Rolex.  So not only is he already committing Trademark Counterfeiting, but he is also attempting to commit Theft and Fraud (and potential Wire Fraud).  Help lock this guy up.  Report this clown to the Louisville Police Department, the FBI, Rolex Attorneys Gibney, Anthony, and Flaherty (GAF - specifically John Macaluso), and ebay.  Don't let him get away with trying to defraud some poor naive Victim.

Here is a link to his illegal Rolex Submariner on ebay:  Rolex Submariner 2 tone replica on ebay

Here is a screenshot for use by Prosecutors, Law Enforcement, GAF, and ebay:

fake Rolex Submariner listed as real

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