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Fake Rolex Submariner on ebay - Don't be fooled - seller wkkal_nwq9vi from Bideford, UK

Bideford, United Kingdom - ebay seller wkkal_nwq9vi has listed a Counterfeit Rolex Submariner for sale.  He is falsely claiming this watch is a genuine Rolex.  This constitutes Trademark Counterfeiting, Attempted Fraud, Attempted Wire Fraud, and Attempted Larceny.  If a sale goes through, then you can remove the "Attempted" parts of those terms.  Contact Rolex, ebay, the British Government, and local Bideford Police Department to report this crook.  A little time behind bars will do him some good me thinks.  Put this wanker in a cell for this Criminal Conduct.  This tosser needs to be taught a bloody lesson.

Here is a link to the listing for this Counterfeit Rolex:  fake Rolex Submariner from Bideford UK

And here is a screenshot to serve as proof of this Criminal Conduct.

counterfeit rolex bideford uk police department

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