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doggfriend68 on ebay is selling a FAKE Rolex Submariner Harley Davidson edition from Peru, IN

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Peru, Indiana - ebay seller doggfriend68 is selling an Illegal, Counterfeit Rolex Submariner.  This is a Federal Felony and a serious State Level Crime.  The People of the United States have elected Legislators to enact Laws and those Legislators have determined that Trademark Counterfeiting is a serious CRIME.  Don't let this seller get away with selling this replica Rolex watch.  Bust this clown.  Contact the Peru Police Department, FBI, ebay, and Rolex's Attorneys (Gibney, Anthony, & Flaherty) to report this Crime.

Here is a link to the replica Rolex Submariner on ebay:  Illegal fake clone Rolex Submariner by doggfriend68 on ebay

Here is a screen shot to permanently memorialize this Crime.

illegal replica Rolex Submariner on ebay by doggfriend68

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