aaaultimatepawn in Carson City, Nevada selling FAKE Versace Watch on ebay

Carson City, NV - ebay seller aaaultimatepawn is selling a Counterfeit Versace V-Metal Icon watch on ebay for $500 Buy it Now.  This is a serious Federal Felony being committed by this Pawn Shop - AAA Ultimate Pawn located at:  892 E William St, Carson City, NV 89701.  Their phone number is:  (775) 350-7621 - This is also a Crime in the State of Nevada.  Contact Carson City Police Department, the FBI, Versace, and ebay to report this item.  Don't let these punks get away with selling Watches bearing Counterfeit Trademarks.  AAA Ultimate Pawn needs to be shut down and the perps need to be arrested.   

Here is a link to their ebay listing of this Counterfeit Versace Watch:  Replica Versace V-Metal Icon watch on watch by aaa ultimate pawn

And here is a screenshot to serve as proof for Prosecutors, IP Attorneys, Versace, and ebay.

replica versace v metal watch

This watch is also listed on craigslist in Reno...

Fake Versace Replica watch on craigslist by AAA Ultimate Pawn

And here is the screenshot of the craigslist ad:

fake versace replica watch on craigslist


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