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ebay seller bugsy1937 selling FAKE Breitling Navitimer on ebay from Lochlin, Ontario, Canada

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Lochlin, Ontario, Canada - bugsy1937, a seller on ebay is selling an illegal fake replica Breilting Navitimer watch.  This is a Criminal Offense and constitutes Trademark Counterfeiting.  Report this sucka to Breitling, the Canadian Government, Lochlin Police, and the Canadian Government.  This guy needs to spend some time thinking about this crime behind bars.

Here is a link to the illegal Breitling replica Navitimer on ebay:  Illegal replica Breilting Lochlin, Ontario, Canada

And here is a screen shot for memorialization of this Crime to be used by Prosecutors, IP Attorneys, and Law Enforcement personnel.

replica Breitling Navitimer

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