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Notorious Rolex Gang sentenced to 682 years behind bars

Johannesburg South Africa - The 3 members of the Rolex Gang... George Mulaudzi, Sipho Mabundla and Beta Mphikeleni have been sentenced to 682 years in Prison in the South Gauteng High Court.

The three Criminals committed string of robberies over six weeks in 2014 as part of the Rolex Gang, finding people who had recently purchased highly valuable items.

The 3 men were found guilty on nine charges of robbery with aggravated circumstances; one charge of murder; and 3 Charges of attempted murder in 2016.

The 3 Criminals were also found guilty on 2 charges of malicious damage to property, two counts of unlawful possession of firearms and one of unlawful possession of ammunition.

These 3 scumbags were arrested on April 22, 2014 after a dramatic high-speed chase and shootout with police officer Derek Bruce Macintosh.

Rolex Gang Sentenced to 682 years in prison

* March 28 to April 22, 2014: Betha Mphikeleni, Sipho Mabundla and George Mulaudzi executed nine armed robberies.

* March 28, 2014: Carine Dorothea Walker is almost killed near Glenvista by suspects - believed to be the same men - wearing balaclavas in a white Mercedes. When she tried to escape, they opened fired at her car.

* April 1, 2014: Laurent Belle-garde is hijacked in Tulisa Park by men with balaclavas.

* April 3, 2014: Tamsin Scheepers and Julian Kruger are robbed near Media City in Sandton.

* April 8, 2014: Yvonne Gutsche is robbed near Baker Street in Rosebank.

* April 10, 2014: Lisa Anne Niemann is robbed near the Mio Palazzo Complex in Sunninghill.

* April 11, 2014: Daniel Stephen is robbed near the Stoneridge Shopping Centre.

* April 17, 2014: Lance O’Leary is robbed near the Tangiers Complex in Oaklands.

* April 22, 2014: Christine Close is robbed in Rivonia Road in Sandown by armed men.

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