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Fake Rolex 16610 Submariner being sold as genuine on ebay by rustitintin21756 from Austell, Georgia

Austell, GA - ebay seller rustitintin21756 is selling a completely fake Rolex 16610 as a genuine Rolex.  Trademark Counterfeiting is a Federal Felony.  He can also be charged with Fraud and Theft at the Federal and State level for pulling this scam.  Bust this guy.  Contact the local Police/Sheriff, GAF, the FBI, and ebay to report this con-artist.  Selling a fake watch as genuine is a total scumbag move.  This punk needs to spend some time behind bars, pay a lawyer, and get sued by Rolex if you ask me.  Hopefully the news media will pick up the story when he gets busted.  

Here is a link to his illegal listing:  Illegal Counterfeit Rolex on ebay by rustitintin21756

Counterfeit Rolex Submariner Austell, GA

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