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Dobrich, Bulgaria - Ebay Seller tpilev is selling Counterfeit Richard Mille Replica Watch

Ebay seller, tpilev, is selling a fake Richard Mille watch.  This is a clear violation of Richard Mille's Intellectual Property Rights.  Don't let this guy get away with this.  Report tpilev to Richard Mille, ebay, local Police in Bulgaria, and the Bulgarian Government to get him shut down.  Trademark Counterfeiting is a serious Crime.  Bust this fool.

Here is a link to his ebay listing:  Counterfeit Clone Richard Mille on ebay by tpilev

And here is a screenshot to be used by Law Enforcement, Prosecutors, and IP Attorneys on behalf of the Victim, Richard Mille.

replica Richard Mille watch on ebay

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