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ebay seller jimmbaratt_0 aka jpb-52 selling Illegal Replica Rolex Daytona from Irvine, California

***UPDATE**** 01-31-2018 1:03 PM MST - This ebay user has changed his ebay seller name to jpb-52

This is a serious Crime in California and also a serious Federal Felony.  Contact the Irvine, CA Police Department to report this guy.  Also contact the FBI.  And contact GAF (Gibney, Anthony, and Flaherty - Rolex Lawyers) to report him for violating the Lanham Act.  He can face jail and prison time and a multi-million dollar lawsuit from Rolex.  Selling replica watches is illegal.  fakewatchbusta recommends never buying anything from someone who is selling illegal watches.  

Here is a link to the illegal Rolex Daytona:  Illegal replica Rolex Daytona on ebay Irvine, CA

fake rolex daytona clone from irvine, ca

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