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Fake Rolex Yacht-Master on ebay by seller asher4953 from Seattle, Washington

ebay seller asher4953 from Seattle, WA is selling an illegal counterfeit replica Rolex YachtMaster on ebay.  This is not a good fake and is very obviously JUNK.  The seller is committing a serious Crime by selling this watch.  Trafficking in items bearing Counterfeit Trademarks is a Federal Felony and is a serious Crime in most States.  Contact GAF (attorneys for Rolex), local Police, the FBI, and ebay to report this infringing item.  

Here is a link to this watch being sold by asher4953:  Illegal fake Rolex Yacht Master by asher4953 from Seattle Washington

And here is a screenshot to memorialize and provide proof for Law Enforcement, IP Attorneys, Rolex, and ebay:

illegal counterfeit Rolex Yacht-Master Seattle Washington

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