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Illegal Panerai Radiomir Clone on ebay by seller Vinyl_Groove from South Jordan, UT

Ebay seller vinyl_groove from South Jordan, Utah is selling an illegal fake Panerai Radiomir on ebay.  This seller is committing a Federal Felony.  This unlawful conduct needs to be reported.  Contact the local Police, FBI, Panerai, and ebay to report this clown.  fakewatchbusta recommends never buying anything from a seller who is selling illegal items.  What's to say he won't commit some other Criminal Act when interacting with you?  Here is a link to the listing:  Unlawful fake Panerai Radiomir on ebay by vinyl_groove on ebay

Below is a screenshot for purposes of documenting this Criminal Conduct for purposes of Prosecution by Law Enforcement, District Attorneys, FBI, and Panerai's IP Attorneys.

illegal fake Panerai by vinyl_groove on ebay South Jordan, Utah

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