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Goodwill in Gorham, Maine Committing Federal Felony by Selling Fake Franck Muller as Genuine! tel: (207) 839-8503

Breaking News - Gorham, Maine.  Goodwill, a thrift store organization, is currently committing a Federal Felony by selling a Fake Franck Muller watch on ebay.  The seller name is:  goodwill-maine.  Goodwill in Gorham, ME should be ashamed of themselves for committing this serious Crime.  Not only is it Trademark Counterfeiting, it could also be charged as Theft, and Fraud.  Here is a link to the listing:  Fake Franck Muller being sold by Goodwill in Gorham, Maine

Contact the FBI to report this Crime.  Franck Muller USA headquarters are in New York, NY.  Contact them to report this Crime in Progress.   Trafficking it items bearing Counterfeit Trademarks is a Federal Felony.  It doesn't matter if you're an individual or if you're Goodwill.  Shut these clowns down.

If they are willing to sell a fake Franck Muller as genuine, what else are they doing wrong?  After all, they are committing a serious Felony.  

Below is a screenshot memorializing this Crime for use as proof by Law Enforcement and IP Attorneys:

counterfeit watch being sold by Goodwill in Gorham, Maine

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