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ebay seller stuntman-5656 is Selling an Illegal Fake Hublot Watch

Stuntman-5656 is committing a serious Crime by listing a replica (counterfeit) Hublot chronograph wristwatch on ebay.  Sell items bearing counterfeit trademarks is illegal.  Stuntman-5656 is located in Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada.  fakewatchbusta recommends never buying anything from anybody who has been caught selling illegal goods.  If this seller is committing this Crime, then what kind of trust can you have in anything else he sells?  Get this guy busted.  Report him to the local police, the Canadian Federal Authorities, Hublot, and (of course) ebay.  Here is a link to his unlawful fake Hublot watch:  Illegal fake counterfeit Hublot replica watch on ebay

illegal fake Hublot chronograph replica

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