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Fake Rolex Submariner being sold as Genuine on ebay by odilicastr

Here is the link to this fake Rolex:  Fake Rolex on ebay by seller odilicastr - illegal Submariner replica

The seller is located in Southampton, United Kingdom.  This watch is very obviously a fake.  The date magnification is wrong.  Other things are wrong.  And the box is wrong.  This is a cheap replica and the seller is committing serious Crimes for Trademark Counterfeiting and selling a fake as a genuine piece which is Fraud and Theft.  Bust this guy.  Report him to the local Authorities and GAF.  Get this guy off ebay and off the streets.  A nice prison cell would suit him just fine.

Here is a screen shot to memorialize his Criminal Conduct for use in Prosecution and Litigation.

Fake Rolex Submariner being sold as Genuine on ebay

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