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Another Argument for Buying a Fake Watch Liliana Vanegas

A Florida woman has once again been arrested for drugging some dude she met at a club so she could steal his Panerai.

Liliana Vanegas met the man at the MyntLounge on Miami Beach, according to police. After couple of drinks, the man invited Liliana, a 24-year old thief, back to his apartment.

The man told police when they got there, Vanegas made him a drink. He said a few minutes later he felt weak and extremely tired. The next he remembers is waking up only to find his Panerai timepiece, valued at approximately $10,000, was missing and so was Liliana Vanegas.

Miami Beach Law Enforcement Personnel said the man, who is a doctor, knew he must have been drugged because he had not been drinking excessively the night before.

Liliana Vanegas dirty little watch thief

Later, he picked Vanegas out of a photo line up. She was located and charged.

Vanegas reportedly used a similar same ploy later in the month with a Canadian tourist, Arvin Malhi, who was in the area to attend a wedding.

After hitting on him at a club at Nikki Beach, Malhi invited her back to his hotel room... where he probably hoped to do the nasty.

Once in Arvin Malhi’s room at the Loews Hotel, he said Liliana got drunk and laid down to sleep. At 7 a.m. he said he woke up and realized she was stealing his shit.

“She picked up my watch from my side table, and she left. And I quickly jumped out of my bed and by then she had closed her door,” Malhi said.

He said he caught up to her outside the hotel and confronted her.

He called 911 and followed her as she walked away. He said he watched her get a ride from a man who police identified as, Francisco Trujillo. Investigators said Trujillo is listed as “Daddy” in Vanegas’ cell phone.

Police have charged Vanegas with another similar robbery in the City of Miami from February. In that case they said she met her victim at Mango’s in Miami Beach, and went back to his condo on North Bayshore Drive, where she drugged him. When that victim woke up the next day, police said all of his jewelry was gone.

That Miami victim said the Versace necklace Vanegas wore in her mugshot belongs to him.

And when cops stopped Trujillo’s car, after Malhi’s incident Monday, and searched Vanegas’ purse, they said they found cocaine and a bottle with white liquid inside, which they say was Xanax and Ambien mixed with water.

Malhi said his lack of desire for alcohol ended up protecting him.

“Probably she had the intention to drug me as well, but it didn’t go in her favor. I didn’t drink at all and she ended up getting drunk,” he said.

fakewatchbusta is only being sarcastic about saying to buy a fake watch so that women can steal it rather than the real thing, of course.  When you buy a high-end timepiece, be sure to get it insured.  If someone steals it, file an insurance claim.  Don't buy a fake with the hopes that you will get laid, drugged, and ripped off.  Later, fools.

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