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A Compelling Case to Buy Fake Rolex Watches Yomna Fouad

Yomna Fouad and many other gorgeous women in Florida are seducing men in order to steal their Rolex watches.  There are numerous news storing about these bad girls.  fakewatchbusta is against items bearing counterfeit trademarks, but wouldn't it be nice to get laid by some little hottie so she could steal your fake watch lol...  Here is a photo of the Perp, Yomna Fouad.  (Hey Yomna... If you wanna go legit, get in touch with fakewatchbusta).

Yomna Fouad thief Rolex Watch

Here is the news story on youtube... Keep watching after the story is over... You'll see more similar stories lol:  YOUTUBE Video - News Reports

And don't buy fakes.  fakewatchbusta was just being sarcastic.

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