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Fake Rolex Sea-Dweller DeepSea Listed As Submariner on ebay by seller thewatchheaven

Here is the link to this horrible fake:  Fake Rolex Submariner Sea-Dweller DeepSea being sold as gen  The box and booklets and tags are all blatantly fake.  This clown has a starting bid of $2250 with a buy it now of $4900.

The seller is located in Miami, FL - a place that takes the selling of fake watches very seriously.  This guy is not only selling a cheap Chinese fake which is illegal in and of itself, but he is also selling it for thousands of dollars which could also cause him to get charged with fraud and theft.  He is committing multiple Federal and State level Crimes.  This watch needs to be reported to GAF, the FBI, and Miami Police -- in addition to ebay.

Here is the screenshot to be used as proof in Prosecution and Litigation:

fake Rolex Miami Florida by thewatchheaven on ebay

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