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Fake Rolex Submariner on ebay starting bid $2500 BIN $4500

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ebay seller supersaleslife is selling a fake Rolex Submariner as a genuine Rolex.  Here is a link to this illegal fake Rolex Submariner:  supersaleslife selling illegal replica Rolex Submariner as real

Located in the Bronx, NY, this seller is easy pickings for NYPD, the FBI, and GAF.  The seller is right in Rolex USA's back yard.  #balls

Help get this guy busted.  Report him to Law Enforcement and Gibney, Anthony, and Flaherty (GAF) as well reporting him to ebay.

Here is a screenshot to assist in the Prosecution and Litigation.

Illegal fake Rolex Submariner being sold as genuine on ebay Bronx, NY

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