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Illegal Fake Rolex Replica Submariner on ebay by thewiseowl-az

Located in Maricopa, AZ USA, ebay seller, thewiseowl-az, has listed an Illegal Replica Rolex Submariner on ebay.  This seller is committing a serious Federal Crime and a serious Crime in the State of Arizona.  Report this seller to local Police, the FBI, and GAF (attorneys for Rolex).  This guy needs to get shut down and proscecuted.  He also needs to be sued by Rolex for infringing on the Rolex Trademark.  Here is the link to his illegal Rolex Submariner:  Illegal Replica Rolex Submariner by thewiseowl-az on ebay

Below is the screenshot to be used as proof during Prosecution and for Litigation purposes.

fake rolex replica Submariner on ebay by thewiseowl-az

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