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sstephens1971 on ebay selling ridiculous fake Rolex

Here is the link to report this illegal listing of a counterfeit watch bearing the Rolex trademarks:  Illegal fake Rolex by sstephens1971 on ebay

The funny thing about this counterfeit Rolex is that it looks nothing like anything Rolex has ever produced, but yet they unlawfully put the Rolex trademarks on this real piece of work (shite).

Ebay seller sstephens1971 should be ashamed for committing this Criminal Conduct.  fakewatchbusta recommends never buying anything from someone selling illegal items.

Report this clown to local Law Enforcement and GAF.  This seller is based in Uniontown, Ohio.  This is a serious Crime.  #illegal #shame

Below is the requisite screenshot provided to assist authorities in the prosecution and conviction of the seller sstephens1971 and to assist GAF in Civil Litigation.  Report this guy.

illegal fake Rolex on ebay by sstephens1971

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