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FAKE COUNTERFEIT Rolex Sea Dweller on ebay being sold as Genuine

The seller of this watch on ebay, colombia-collection, put a genuine Rolex 1575 movement into a fake Rolex case probably made in Vietnam or possibly China.    How can fakewatchbusta tell the case is a FAKE?  Between the lugs, there should be rub/wear marks where the stainless steel bracelet was rubbing up against the case for decades.  No rub/wear marks is a telltale sign of a fake vintage case.  The engraving between the lugs looks wrong.  The case and caseback look artificially aged.   fakewatchbusta has no doubt this watch is not a genuine Rolex Sea-Dweller.  This guy needs to be reported to ebay, the authorities, and Rolex.  He also needs to be kicked off ebay.  Here is a link to the listing:  http://ebay.to/2D2NYkS

Here is a screenshot to be used as Evidence for the puposes of Lawsuits and Prosecution:

counterfeit rolex sea dweller


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