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Probable Counterfeit 116613 LN Rolex 2 Tone Submariner on ebay

The seller, truelyblessed_0, has 8 total feedback as a buyer and ZERO feedback as a seller on ebay... ALL feedback has been gotten with the past month.  The auction listing has started at a very, very low price.  Here is a link to the listing:  http://ebay.to/2Dgq2bp  To fakewatchbusta, the cyclops mag looks light.  Look at all the pics carefully.  For instance, the back side of the crown guards look wrong.  And there are other red flags you will notice if you're well versed in Rolex watches.  Beware, fools, unscrupulous sellers are out there with fakes that are made to deceive and are being sold to unsuspecting buyers.  Don't be fooled into buying a fake Rolex.  fakewatchbusta highly recommends staying away from this ebay auction.  RUN!

Attached is a screenshot of the listing for purposes of providing Evidence to Rolex Lawyers, Local Cops, and the FBI.

probable counterfeit Rolex 116613 LN Submariner on ebay


***UPDATE 01-23-2018***

Click the Read More link to read the latest on this seller...  There's more to tell...

Here is a new listing by the same seller for a 116610 HULK.  Probable Fake Hulk Rolex Submariner on ebay

Here is a screenshot of this current listing:

fake Hulk 116610 Rolex Submariner

Now we have decided to take a look at the seller's recent items for sale.  You can see them by looking at the screenshot below:

probable fake Rolex 116610 Hulk counterfeit on eby

So you can see that truelyblessed_0 has listed two 2-tone Subs and a Rolex box and papers - all for $500 - plus this recent Hulk green on green Submariner.  This is very suspicious.  The descriptions are suspicious.  The seller's history is suspicious.  Smells like a scam, and these watches seem to be fakes.  This guy needs to get shut down.  Report him to local Law Enforcement and the FBI in addition to GAF and ebay.  Cite this report as evidence.  Let's put a stop to what fakewatchbusta believes is a Crime Spree.

***UPDATE*** 01-27-2018 - truelyblessed_0 is back at it... selling another fake Rolex.  Here is the link to his latest listing:  Truelyblessed_08 selling another fake Rolex on ebay


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