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Rolex Submariner on ebay by johnnygreen12 from Cedar Grove, NJ - Fake or Fraud? You Decide

Way too good to be true pricing.  Seller with minimal feedback.  Stolen stock photos.  Anybody willing to send this clown $1500?  If it were real and/or really existed, he could walk it over to a pawn shop or jeweler in the area and get 2 to 3 times as much for it. http://ebay.to/2qMRgUF  Here is the entire text of his description:  "I don't want it anymore, so I'm selling it. Ive had it for a while and I don't need it, so I'm selling it for cheap, considering i bought a new Rolex for 30k"  So you decide... Fraud (you won't get anything for your money), or Fake... (you will receive a junk replica/counterfeit for your hard earned dough)  Here is a link to the listing or click on the screen shot:  http://ebay.to/2qMRgUF

johnnygreen12 - fake or fraud on ebay Rolex Sub



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