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ebay seller marleyjjp Selling Too Good To Be True Kermit Submariner

Here is the link:  http://ebay.to/2FnZ8PN  This watch has a "Buy It Now" price of $3,000.00.  This price is well under market value.  There are so many replicas, fakes, counterfeits...  To fakewatchbusta, the old adage "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is" applies here.  Watch out for seemingly incredible deals on Rolex watches online.  Countless stories are out there of people being burned.  $3000 is about 1/3 of current market value.  If $3,000 were needed for that watch, the seller could have easily gotten the money within minutes by taking it to a jeweler, watchmaker, or pawn shop... locally... without having to take the time and without having to make the effort (taking photos, writing description, etc.) to post the item on ebay.  Also, one should note that by selling locally, the seller would not incur ebay listing and final value fees and would not incur paypal fees. However, by selling locally, the watch would have been subject to inspection (opening the caseback to see the movement for starters).  To fakewatchbusta, the date magnification looks a little off.  If you look at the photo of the back of the watch, the end links don't sit properly between the lugs.  The crown guards and lugs seem like those on a modern 116610LV which would have a cerachrome bezel insert.  The Rolex coronet looks wrong.  This watch looks like a combination of a 116610LV and a 16610LV, but there are many things that are just wrong.  The clasp is also wrong for a 116610LV. fakewatchbusta feels sorry for the sucker who buys this watch.

Suspicious Rolex 16610LV on ebay

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