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Kelly Dendler arrested for selling counterfeit Omega watches in Palm Beach County

A Lakeworth woman is accused of selling counterfeit versions of high-end watches around Palm Beach County.

According to West Palm Beach Police, Kelly Dendler peddled around the same sob story with the same watch model, packaging and serial number to numerous stores; resulting in thousands of dollars in ill-gotten profits states her arrest report.

Kelly Dendler Arrested fake Omega Watches

Police said Dendler was offering to sell a boutique watch she claimed was left to her by her deceased father. It was a black Omega SpeedMaster, 'Dark Side of the Moon' edition.

According to Omega’s website, the ‘Dark Side of the Moon’ watch was meant to “pay homage” to the Apollo 8 astronauts who were the first people to see the dark side of the moon “with their own eyes.”

The probable cause affidavit said Dendler had not only had the watch, but also had a box, watch case, warranty book, watch tag model numbers and serial card, and a purchase receipt from Omega Boutique. Police said the perceived value would have been $11,247.00. On average, Dendler was able to get around $2,500 when she sold the watches to different jewelry stores.

The numerous sales were tracked by police using their pawn RAPID system, which allows authorities to keep track of sales in the pawn and second hand sectors.

Outside of West Palm Beach PD investigation, Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office is also looking into other cases involving Dendler stated the affidavit.

Dendler is charged with Grand theft, counterfeit private labels over $1,000, organized scheming to defraud over $20,000, dealing in counterfeit goods and forgery.

After her arrest on Monday, Dendler told police she sold the watches because she needed the money. 

Report Documentation:

Kelly Dendler Florida

Kelly Dendler Florida

Kelly Dendler Florida

Kelly Dendler Florida

Originally reported August 8, 2017 by http://cbs12.com/news/local/woman-arrested-for-selling-counterfeit-boutique-watches-in-palm-beach-county

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