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Tommy Lee Charlet and Keith Bose Arrested in Phoenix for Replica Watches

PHOENIX - Two men were caught by Homeland Security in Phoenix for selling counterfeit high-end watches.

U.S. Homeland Security investigators posed as buyers and purchased several fake Rolex and Tag Heuer watches from two men in Phoenix. 

Agents say they bought four watches, which retail for $10,000 each, from 44-year-old Tommy Lee Charlet at a location near 32nd Street and Union Hills Drive. 

Tommy Lee Charlet and Keith Bose Busted for Replica Watches

The latest sale was on December 13th when Charlet was arrested. 

Another three watches were bought from 31-year-old Keith Dubose in West Phoenix, near 91st Avenue and McDowell Road. 

That sale was also on December 13th. 

Both men have been charged with possession of counterfeit marks.

Originally Reported By:  https://www.abc15.com/news/crime/us-homeland-security-high-end-watch-counterfeiters-caught-in-phoenix

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