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Jason Challenger charged with selling replica Rolex watches

Counterfeit goods valued at $233,000

PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. - A Port St. Lucie man is facing a felony charge after deputies say he sold counterfeit Rolex watches worth thousands of dollars.

On April 27, a St. Lucie County Sheriff's Deputy responded to an advertisement that Jason Sylvester Challenger, 45, posted on social media for counterfeit Rolex watches.

Arrested for selling replica watches! 

The ad stated, "Why pay more when you can pay less n look the same" with photos of Rolex watches. The ad also featured his phone number and offered "free delivery if you live near me."

The deputy called Challenger at the phone number listed in the ad and asked about the fake Rolex watches he had for sale.

According to the arrest report, when Challenger asked the deputy what he wanted, he told him two watches, a "his and her" counterfeit Rolex watch.

The St. Lucie County Sheriff's Office said Challenger asked what the deputy's budget was and asked where he was located.

The deputy made contact with an expert in counterfeit goods who is also a representative for Rolex and other major trademark branded products, who said he would come and assist in the investigation.

According to the arrest report, on April 28, the deputy contacted Challenger again and asked for the watches. Challenger said he had to go to his store in West Palm Beach and get them and that he would have them available for purchase the next day.

According to the arrest report, the expert on counterfeit items also called Challenger and asked to purchase a Rolex. SLCSO says Challenger offered to send him pictures of Rolex watches and to pick one out. Challenger told the man that prices per unit were a cheaper price if multiple Rolex watches were purchased, SLCSO says.

The deputy and the unnamed counterfeit expert met with Challenger at the St. Lucie West Walmart location, where Challenger showed them three counterfeit Rolex watches, according to SLCSO.

The deputy says when he asked Challenger about the other watches, Challenger said he does not travel with all of his watches.

During the meeting, Challenger became suspicious and asked if the men were from the FBI, SLCSO says. The deputy says after that comment Challenger began to say all the watches he sells are from his personal collection.


The deputy says he agreed to purchase one counterfeit Rolex watch for $350. According to the arrest report, Challenger had two other counterfeit watches that he wanted $600 for one with diamonds and $350 for the other.

The men asked about a different model Rolex watch and Challenger said they could follow him to his house for it, according to SLCSO.


The deputy then gave the take down signal and Challenger was taken into custody.

Deputies say the watch purchased from Challenger was a 18k Day Date counterfeit Rolex and that Challenger was in possession of an additional 18k Day Date counterfeit Rolex, as well as a Diamond Dial and bezel counterfeit Rolex.

According to the arrest report, once Challenger was read Miranda and signed a Mirand waiver, he agreed and consented for deputies to go with him to his residence and recover more counterfeit watches he had.

Challenger signed a consent to search form and deputies recovered the following items from his residence:

  • 1 SS Sea Dweller counterfeit Rolex
  • 1 Two Tone Daytona counterfeit Rolex
  • 1 Gold Day Date counterfeit Rolex
  • 1 Gold 18k counterfeit Rolex
  • 1 Platinum Day Date counterfeit Rolex
  • 1 Ladies 18k Presidential counterfeit Rolex
  • 1 Hed Submarine counterfeit Rolex
  • and 4 presidential counterfeit Rolex boxes

Deputies said the total value of the counterfeit goods is $233,300.

Challenger is charged with selling counterfeit goods in excess of $20,000.

Originally Reported at:  https://www.wptv.com/news/region-st-lucie-county/port-st-lucie/jason-challenger-arrested-for-selling-fake-rolex-watches-to-undercover-deputy

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