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310-709-6920 phone number for seller of Illegal Replica Watches including Rolex

This clown in Longbeach, CA is scoffing at the Federal Laws and State Laws prohibiting the selling of items bearing counterfeit trademarks... Which includes replica watches.  It is a serious Crime in California and is also a Federal Crime.  His phone number is:  310-709-6920

***UPDATE 01/04/2018****

This suspect may be known as:  Jahrel D Gillin (310) 709-6920 located at 6951 White Avenue

End of Update (Continue Reading Original Report)

This guy has several different kinds of brand new fakes of different brands listed on Craigslist, so it is the belief of fakewatchbusta that he is a dealer of fakes. #shame #sinner

Attention Local Police, Federal Agents, and IP Attorneys... I lay it out, so y'all can play it out.  Screen shot below provided as Evidence for Prosecution and Civil Litigation.  Shut this clown down.  Here is a link to his shady listing:  https://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/jwl/d/deep-sea-dweller-submariner/6446092851.html

illegal seller of fakes telephone 310-709-6920


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