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ebay seller 30granite Selling "Made to Deceive" Counterfeit Blancpain Watch

This is the worst of the worst. Counterfeit "replica" high-end vintage timepieces made to deceive. Selling items bearing counterfeit trademarks is a Federal Felony and is also a serious Crime in the State of California. But this seller is selling a watch that emulates a very expensive vintage Blancpain. It would be very challenging for pawn shops and potential future buyers to know whether or not it is authentic.

This guy needs to get prosecuted for Trademark Infringement at the very least. I can think of a couple of other charges that the Feds and local Cops could tack on to a seller of a watch like this.

Don't let this guy get away with this. This watch can cause an unsuspecting collector to lose tens of thousands of dollars in the future.

30granite needs to be exposed. This is utterly ridiculous.

Here is the link to 30granite's listing of this fake Blancpain watch on ebay: Click Here to see this fake Blancpain and help get the seller locked up.

Don't let him get away with it. If you are in Berkeley, California, contact the local police and the local FBI to report this watch. Don't let Blancpain and future unsuspecting collectors be victimized.

Help fight the war against counterfeit watches. The term counterfeit also applies to replicas, clones, fakes, etc. They are all counterfeits and it is a crime to sell these watches. The seller can also face Civil Litigation for violating the Lanham Act.


Screen Shot taken on 01-02-2018 and is attached as use for evidence for Law Enforcement and Lawyers for the Victim (Blancpain) and any potential future person who is duped by this watch.   

 Counterfeit frankenwatch replica Blancpain made to deceive

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