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ston_tamel on ebay is Selling an Illegal Fake Replica Patek Philippe Watch

This ebay user ston_tamel is selling a replica Patek Philippe Nautilus. This is a Federal Crime and also a serious Crime in the State of California. In addition, Patek Philippe can sue the seller under the Lanham Act.

Dear Law Enforcement and Attorneys for Patek Philippe... I lay it out, so y'all can play it out. Bust this guy.

Trademark Infringement is not a victimless crime.

Legit companies like Seiko, Citizen, Timex, Bulova, etc. who sell watches at the price point of fakes are being damaged.

Patek Philippe will be wrongly judged on their extremely high quality by anyone who sees this watch and believes it is representative of the quality of Patek Philippe watches.

Watches bearing counterfeit trademarks are produced by Criminal Enterprises... Mostly operating out of China, Vietnam, and Hong Kong.

This seller needs to learn a lesson by being Prosecuted and Sued. The seller, ston_tamel can be arrested by local Police in California; Federal Agents; and can be sued for Violating the Lanham Act. All three can happen to the seller independently of one another.

Here is a link to the listing: Click Here to view this Illegal Item on ebay

Attached is a screenshot taken on 01/02/2018 for use by Law Enforcement and Attorneys for the Victim.


replica Patek Philippe Nautilus on ebay


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