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fakewatchbusta Illegal Watch News

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ebay seller lynne.ward1 selling replica Rolex Submariner as Genuine


This watch is completely wrong.  

Selling replica watches is Illegal, but when you sell them for a high dollar amount and as genuine, you can also look at theft and fraud charges in addition to the trademark counterfeiting charges.  

So wrong in so many ways lmao

Here is the screenshot for prosecution of this crook.

replica Rolex being sold as Gen on ebay


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Ridiculously bad fake Submariner for only $7500 Buy It Now on ebay

Here is the link:  http://ebay.to/2Fw5Ym3

This watch is illegal as an item bearing counterfeit trademarks, but it takes it a step further by charging a huge amount for a super cheap fake Rolex.  This watch is pure junk.  So much is wrong with it.  Click the link or screen shot to report it.  Hopefully this scam artist will get kicked off ebay.  The seller's username is: dmario402 -  I recommend never doing business in the future with someone who is selling a fake watch.  Watch Out for dmario402

fake rolex by dmario402 on ebay


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Illegal Replica Hublot listed on ebay

Here is an example of a fake Hublot plaguing ebay.  Listen, fools... These watches are ILLEGAL.  Doesn't matter if he tells you it's a fake.  It's a criminal violation of Federal Law and Laws in most states.  The seller's name is:  chrisboozio.  Avoid buying anything from a seller who has been busted by fakewatchbusta for selling counterfeit watches.  Below, you will find a screenshot of this atrocity.  Click the link or screenshot to go to ebay to report this Unlawful Hublot bearing a counterfeit trademark.  http://ebay.to/2ARFDvc

replica illegal Hublot watch on ebay


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Half Naked Woman Caught on Video Stealing Rolex Watch After Showering With Victim

Aventura, FL - Cops are looking for a a young woman who was captured by surveillance camera in very little clothing escaping from an Aventura condominium after stealing a Rolex timepiece according to local Police.

According to the cops, the crime victim was a twenty-one year-old man who met the young lady in South Beach, and brought her back to his condominium for some fun lol.

According to the Police report, the young lady took a shower with the man she would later victimize and then snuck out... snagging his Rolex wristwatch which was worth approximately $11,000 according to the man's father. The man's father stated that the Rolex was a family heirloom gift to the young man for his 21st birthday.  Click the image to watch the video.

half naked female rolex thief in Florida 

Video from December, 22 showed the woman hurriedly sneaking off while wearing only a bra and some sort of undergarment that looks as if it was to enhance the size of her butt and hips. Perhaps this undergarment was part of a disguise?

Cops stated there was also surveillance footage of the woman in an elevator putting on her bra. That bra-less video has yet to be released. Officers are surely enjoying a good laugh while reviewing the footage repeatedly lol.

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fakewatchbusta Making a HUGE Dent in Fake Watch Industry

The number of counterfeit watches confiscated by Swiss customs officials has plummeted by around 80% from the beginning of 2017 through the end of 2017, according to the Swiss watch industry.  fakewatchbusta would like to take all the credit, but the credit is to be shared amongst vigilant individuals such as Gladiator on therolexforums.com, Rolex_Enforcer, and more publicity about arrests and the illegality of fakes.


Illegal counterfeit replica Fake watches smashed by steam roller

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Leonard Fournette FAKE ROLEX on TMZ

This "Rolex" is not a Presidential.  It does not have the day window at the 12:00 position.  And the dial reads "DateJust."  Funny thing is... DateJusts never come with that kind of bracelet... a Presidential bracelet.  The diamond bezel is not genuine Rolex.  Dial looks wrong.  GAWD AWFUL UGLY.  Not a real Rolex.  It is wrong.  Rolex doesn't make anything like this watch.  Rolex would consider Leonard Fournette's watch to be Counterfeit. LMAO at this poser.

Screen shot attached.  Leonard Fournette is ridiculed.  #pretenda #fakewatchbusta #shame

Leonard Fournette fake Rolex

Leonard Fournette Fake Rolex on TMZ

fake Rolex owner Leonard Fournette lol


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Illegal Fake Replica Counterfeit Rolex Submariner Hulk on ebay

This watch is a guaranteed fake:  http://ebay.to/2qSs0w5

Selling fake Rolexes is illegal.  Help get this item removed from ebay by clicking on the link and then reporting it to ebay.  

Here is a screenshot of this replica Rolex being sold as genuine on ebay.  This screenshot is provided for the purposes of proof for Law Enforcement and Civil Remedy.  The seller's username is:  mitinmoh_0.  The seller is located in Clearfield, UT.  Selling items bearing counterfeit trademarks is Illegal.  There is so much wrong with this watch... It's not even close to fooling fakewatchbusta.

replica hulk Submariner on ebay


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FAKE COUNTERFEIT Rolex Sea Dweller on ebay being sold as Genuine

The seller of this watch on ebay, colombia-collection, put a genuine Rolex 1575 movement into a fake Rolex case probably made in Vietnam or possibly China.    How can fakewatchbusta tell the case is a FAKE?  Between the lugs, there should be rub/wear marks where the stainless steel bracelet was rubbing up against the case for decades.  No rub/wear marks is a telltale sign of a fake vintage case.  The engraving between the lugs looks wrong.  The case and caseback look artificially aged.   fakewatchbusta has no doubt this watch is not a genuine Rolex Sea-Dweller.  This guy needs to be reported to ebay, the authorities, and Rolex.  He also needs to be kicked off ebay.  Here is a link to the listing:  http://ebay.to/2D2NYkS

Here is a screenshot to be used as Evidence for the puposes of Lawsuits and Prosecution:

counterfeit rolex sea dweller


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Probable Counterfeit 116613 LN Rolex 2 Tone Submariner on ebay

The seller, truelyblessed_0, has 8 total feedback as a buyer and ZERO feedback as a seller on ebay... ALL feedback has been gotten with the past month.  The auction listing has started at a very, very low price.  Here is a link to the listing:  http://ebay.to/2Dgq2bp  To fakewatchbusta, the cyclops mag looks light.  Look at all the pics carefully.  For instance, the back side of the crown guards look wrong.  And there are other red flags you will notice if you're well versed in Rolex watches.  Beware, fools, unscrupulous sellers are out there with fakes that are made to deceive and are being sold to unsuspecting buyers.  Don't be fooled into buying a fake Rolex.  fakewatchbusta highly recommends staying away from this ebay auction.  RUN!

Attached is a screenshot of the listing for purposes of providing Evidence to Rolex Lawyers, Local Cops, and the FBI.

probable counterfeit Rolex 116613 LN Submariner on ebay


***UPDATE 01-23-2018***

Click the Read More link to read the latest on this seller...  There's more to tell...

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Peace Out Fools,

fakewatchbusta, Horological BatMan

reports@fakewatchbusta.com or Call/Text 720.899.2554 (Click to Call)

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'Sup fools... fakewatchbusta is bustin fools with fake watches.  We all love Rolex, Omega, Breitling, TAG Heuer, Patek Phlippe, Hublot, Panerai, and other high-end watch brands.  Many of the expensive timepiece brands are counterfeited in the form of "replica watches."  Trafficking in (possessing, buying, selling, and/or manufacturing) watches bearing counterfeit trademarks (such as replica Rolex watches) is a criminal violation of US Federal Law and Laws in most States. It’s also a crime in many other countries. So don’t buy or sell illegal replicas, because sometimes God just facks up your order and you're gonna have to chow down on that shitty shame samwich served up by the Law, fakewatchbusta, horological batman, fake watch ironman, rolex-enforcer, and IP attorneys..  Click on images to read more.

Report all instances of replica timepiece manufacturing, buying, selling, and/or possession as soon as possible (including celebrity posers).  Be on the look out for fake Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Panerai, TAG Heuer, Movado, Patek Philippe, Zenith, Franck Muller, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, and others.

Help us to bust posers stuntin' with fake Rollies; rockin' fake Audemars Piguets, etc.

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