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Fake Breitling Bentley being sold on ebay by seller k40m from Lusby, Maryland

This seller is committing Trademark Counterfeiting by selling a fake Breitling.  Here is link to the listing:  Fake replica Breitling by seller k40m on ebay

This clown needs to be reported to local police, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and Breitling so the Attorneys for Breitling can sue him for violating the Lanham Act.

Shut this guy down.  Help Bust him.  Don't forget to report the item to ebay.  Below is a screenshot for the purpose of assisting in the Prosecution and in Litigation.

fake Breitling counterfeit replica watch clone on ebay

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Fake Rolex Submariner being sold as Genuine on ebay by odilicastr

Here is the link to this fake Rolex:  Fake Rolex on ebay by seller odilicastr - illegal Submariner replica

The seller is located in Southampton, United Kingdom.  This watch is very obviously a fake.  The date magnification is wrong.  Other things are wrong.  And the box is wrong.  This is a cheap replica and the seller is committing serious Crimes for Trademark Counterfeiting and selling a fake as a genuine piece which is Fraud and Theft.  Bust this guy.  Report him to the local Authorities and GAF.  Get this guy off ebay and off the streets.  A nice prison cell would suit him just fine.

Here is a screen shot to memorialize his Criminal Conduct for use in Prosecution and Litigation.

Fake Rolex Submariner being sold as Genuine on ebay

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Replica (Counterfeit) 2 Tone Rolex Submariner to report

Here is the link to this item for viewing and reporting the item to ebay, the FBI, local Police, and GAF:  Illegal Replica Rolex Submariner 2 Tone on ebay

The seller is robert_oh4.  The seller is located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Seller robert_oh4 is committing a serious Federal Crime and a serious Crime in the State of Oklahoma.  Replica watches are ILLEGAL.  Help bust this seller of illegal fake watches.  Report him.

Below is a screenshot for purposes of memorializing and preserving proof of this Criminal Conduct for Police, the FBI, GAF, and ebay.

illegal replica rolex submariner 2 tone

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Fake Rolex Submariner on ebay starting bid $2500 BIN $4500

ebay seller supersaleslife is selling a fake Rolex Submariner as a genuine Rolex.  Here is a link to this illegal fake Rolex Submariner:  supersaleslife selling illegal replica Rolex Submariner as real

Located in the Bronx, NY, this seller is easy pickings for NYPD, the FBI, and GAF.  The seller is right in Rolex USA's back yard.  #balls

Help get this guy busted.  Report him to Law Enforcement and Gibney, Anthony, and Flaherty (GAF) as well reporting him to ebay.

Here is a screenshot to assist in the Prosecution and Litigation.

Illegal fake Rolex Submariner being sold as genuine on ebay Bronx, NY

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Another Argument for Buying a Fake Watch Liliana Vanegas

A Florida woman has once again been arrested for drugging some dude she met at a club so she could steal his Panerai.

Liliana Vanegas met the man at the MyntLounge on Miami Beach, according to police. After couple of drinks, the man invited Liliana, a 24-year old thief, back to his apartment.

The man told police when they got there, Vanegas made him a drink. He said a few minutes later he felt weak and extremely tired. The next he remembers is waking up only to find his Panerai timepiece, valued at approximately $10,000, was missing and so was Liliana Vanegas.

Miami Beach Law Enforcement Personnel said the man, who is a doctor, knew he must have been drugged because he had not been drinking excessively the night before.

Liliana Vanegas dirty little watch thief

Later, he picked Vanegas out of a photo line up. She was located and charged.

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Fake Rolex Sea-Dweller DeepSea Listed As Submariner on ebay by seller thewatchheaven

Here is the link to this horrible fake:  Fake Rolex Submariner Sea-Dweller DeepSea being sold as gen  The box and booklets and tags are all blatantly fake.  This clown has a starting bid of $2250 with a buy it now of $4900.

The seller is located in Miami, FL - a place that takes the selling of fake watches very seriously.  This guy is not only selling a cheap Chinese fake which is illegal in and of itself, but he is also selling it for thousands of dollars which could also cause him to get charged with fraud and theft.  He is committing multiple Federal and State level Crimes.  This watch needs to be reported to GAF, the FBI, and Miami Police -- in addition to ebay.

Here is the screenshot to be used as proof in Prosecution and Litigation:

fake Rolex Miami Florida by thewatchheaven on ebay

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Illegal Rolex Submariner on craigslist in Miami Area phone: (954) 784-7150

This guy has more than one illegal replica watch listed for sale on CL in the Miami area (South Florida)... specifically Pompano Beach.  His name is listed as "John" and his telephone number is:  (954) 784-7150.  This is very illegal.  This is a Federal Felony and is serious and much publicized Crime in the State of Florida.  The local press seems to really enjoy doing stories on clowns selling fake watches after they've been arrested.  Report this guy to the local Police, FBI, and GAF.  Here is link to this illegal wristwatch:  Pompano Beach Illegal Replica Rolex

Here is a screenshot to memorialize the Crime being committed by this seller.

Illegal fake Rolex Submariner Miami, FL

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A Compelling Case to Buy Fake Rolex Watches Yomna Fouad

Yomna Fouad and many other gorgeous women in Florida are seducing men in order to steal their Rolex watches.  There are numerous news storing about these bad girls.  fakewatchbusta is against items bearing counterfeit trademarks, but wouldn't it be nice to get laid by some little hottie so she could steal your fake watch lol...  Here is a photo of the Perp, Yomna Fouad.  (Hey Yomna... If you wanna go legit, get in touch with fakewatchbusta).

Yomna Fouad thief Rolex Watch

Here is the news story on youtube... Keep watching after the story is over... You'll see more similar stories lol:  YOUTUBE Video - News Reports

And don't buy fakes.  fakewatchbusta was just being sarcastic.

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Fake Rolex Submariner on ebay by seller kyleweave_451

Here is the link to this illegal Rolex which bears Counterfeit Trademarks.  Counterfeit Rolex Submariner Hulk on ebay  The seller is located in Upland, California.  Seller kyleweave_451 is committing a Federal Felony, should be sued by Rolex, and is committing a Crime in the State of California.  Contact local police, the FBI, and GAF to report this item.  Also be sure to report it to ebay.

Below is a screenshot for purposes of Prosecution and other Legal Action.

Help put this guy behind bars.

counterfeit Rolex Submariner Upland, CA

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Illegal Fake Rolex GMT Master on craigslist in Denver, CO tel: 720.453.6432

Here is an illegal fake Rolex GMT Master listed on craigslist.org in Denver, Colorado.  The seller's phone number is:  720.453.6432.  The seller is committing a Federal Crime and a Serious Misdemeanor in the State of Colorado.  Help bust this clown by reporting him to local Police, the FBI, and GAF.

Help shut him down.  Here is the link to his listing:  Fake Rolex GMT Master on craigslist in Denver

Here is a screenshot to be used by GAF, the FBI, and local Police and Prosecutors.

Illegal Counterfeit Rolex in Denver, CO on craigslist

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