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The most controversial and famous Rolex Submariner 5512 PCG on the planet has been sold to an organization in the vintage Rolex industry located in the United Kingdom. Forever more, this watch will be the most recognizable Rolex 5512 Submariner PCG the world has seen.


If you were not privy to the public ebay listing, here is a link: Most Famous Rolex 5512 PCG in History SOLD!


If you were unaware, this watch was the subject of much controversy that caused it to become the most recognizable, famous Rolex 5512 Submariner PCG the world has ever seen. If you were interested in this watch and the controversy surrounding it, you would be well advised to save the images in the link provided above for future reference. =========================================


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Is this watch Real or fake or custom Rolex? Opinions please. 

'Sup fools... fakewatchbusta is bustin fools with fake watches.  We all love Rolex, Omega, Breitling, TAG Heuer, Patek Phlippe and other luxury watch brands.  Many luxury timepiece brands are counterfeited in the form of "replica watches."  Trafficking in (possessing, buying, selling, and/or manufacturing) watches bearing counterfeit trademarks (such as replica Rolex watches) is a criminal violation of US Federal Law and Laws in most States. It’s also a crime in many other countries. So don’t buy or sell illegal replicas, because sometimes God just facks up your order and you're gonna have to chow down on that shitty shame sandwich.  Click on images to read more.


Help us check these current listings on ebay for authenticity. Report all fakes asap.
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Fakewatchbusta gonna bust you fools who possess, buy, sell, and/or manufacture replica watches. Replica watches are considered counterfeit under U.S. Federal Law and laws in most States and most foreign countries. Watches bearing counterfeit trademarks (replica watches) are illegal. You can get up to 10 years in Federal Prison for your FIRST offense! Don't support the replica watch cartels. Buy what you can afford, fools.


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Replica Rolex, Breitling, Patek Philippe, Omega, TAG Heuer, Vacheron Constantin, Franck Muller, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, Cartier, and others are often sold as knock-offs, clones, fakes, etc., and are considered Counterfeit by Law Enforcement Agencies.  Do not possess, buy, sell, or manufacture timepieces with Counterfeit Trademarks.

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At fakewatchbusta, we conduct Investigations with regards to Buying and Selling (Trafficking) of watches that bear Spurious Marks. If you would like to contact us to Report suspected Buying, Selling, and/or Manufacturing of replica watches, please send an email to the email link below. We will accept any shipment of replica watches that you would like destroyed.  If you have a replica watch, turn it in and your identity will remain anonymous. Contact us for details.  

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Report all instances of replica timepiece manufacturing, buying, selling, and/or possession as soon as possible (including celebrity posers).  Be on the look out for fake Rolex, Breitling, Omega, Panerai, TAG Heuer, Movado, Patek Philippe, Zenith, Franck Muller, Audemars Piguet, Hublot, and others.

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Check here frequently for the latest, up-to-date news on replica watches including counterfeit Rolex, Hublot, TAG Heuer, Franck Muller, Breitling, Cartier, Audemars, Piguet, Patek Philippe, etc.  Replica watches are not legal.  Our news section hopes to convince potential replica watch buyers not purchase replica timepieces.

Purchasing, selling, manufacturing, and possessing replica timepieces is not legal.  Only purchase authorized, authentic wristwatches. 

Help us check these current listings on ebay for authenticity. Report all fakes asap.

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